Ramana Maharshi's Gaze

Direct Transmission

Ramana’s Transmission Breaks the Heart Wide Open

The transmission from the gaze of Ramana Maharshi is direct and unmistakable, going right to the heart. Penetrating like a blade and igniting a fire within the heart’s deepest chamber, the gaze takes one all the way to the truth of who one is.For me seeing his gaze happened innocently and unexpectedly, as did the transmission that followed, in fact, there was simply nothing I could do about the revealing effect, which seeing his face for the first time had upon me.  

In Ramana’s transmission That! is revealed… that which one is looking for, the purest desire, the basic yearning, and the fire within the heart.

This revelation is the greatest gift of Ramana, burning up everything else, leaving only the purest desire in the depth of the heart as a sure guide! When this awakening takes place a simple and naked truth is revealed that is both irrevocable and unquestionable: the unmistakable, powerful knowing that this is what you have been looking for your entire life. 

What is revealed is that this that is always igniting within the heart of everyone has been forgotten. Now through this penetrating gaze one is awakened to the recognition of that which is at the core of one’s own being--Ramana.

Even when one, such as me, has not belonged to any religion or comes from a “simple unsophisticated” background born anywhere in the world, one is still bound to be indoctrinated and locked into a belief pattern.  

When this gaze—from merely looking at a photo of Ramana—penetrated me, I didn’t know at that time from whom this gaze was coming, only that it appeared to me, with the greatest innocence and open-hearted simplicity wherein the flavor of love fully emanated without any name.  Yet, came a deep recognition of the truth that is always alive at the core of our being. 

In this full recognition, which reveals the heart as the center, there is great relief and freedom as never known before. The heart becomes free to feel all the way, everything: the yearnings, the things forgotten or remembered, the realized re-union of that which was never separated. This heart broken-open caused tears to flow in a bathing fountain, tears unstoppable, springing from a deep well of gratitude that one has finally come home!

Some, may ask, all this just in a single gaze…? Yes, in just a gaze!  Amazing because what is the gaze of the one who has become free? Of the one who is no longer bound by the conditioned mind’s beliefs and desires? A gaze from such an unbound being wants nothing, but simply is… fully present and totally here in this eternal knowing, an awareness without separation. From that gazing there was no recovery for the conditioned beliefs of the mind.

Later I learned that this gazing individual was gone, no more a physical but yet I was left with a yearning that I never knew before, having experienced what is possible, what is true, what is real! The ignited fire within began—or continued—to light my path, delivering me to Ramana’s living lineage that could support me deeply into the silence, and instruct me in the way of self-inquiry, just as Ramana taught the spiritual seekers who came to him. 

The transmission was a timeless revelation of what is always alive and totally free, anytime and everywhere. And the gaze is always here looking from within into its own self!



My Beloved Teacher

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Meeting with Gangaji in Ashland, Oregon

Meeting with Gangaji in Ashland, Oregon